This game is a present for caeth as part of the 2019 Bitsy secret santa, based on the prompt "threes". I hope you like it, caeth!!

This was made in Bitsy, with various hacks, and uses some assets from the psychic swamp tileset. Music by Carrie Z; buy it here.


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gorgeous fey writing, incredible evolution and layering of the music, the cyclic repetition and the careful, gentle steps of the writing guiding u like a's really beautiful, the repetition like the beats of a waltz

incredible writing!! took my breath away, super immersive

amazing game. beautifully written. 

Wow! So poetic and gorgeous!!!!

this is really, really good. i enjoyed playing it a lot.

That's deep... I love the idea and style of the game. Good job!

woah this is cool...

ohhhh this is gorgeous! i love the writing. really good job!