This is a Friends at the Table fangame, made as my entry for the fanwork exchange Secret Samol, for Ali @nosignofwings with the prompt:

Lily Lysander as the excerpt of Gumption is maybe one of my strongest head-canons in the show... Any content where that gets to happen is awesome. [...] (maybe the most rare pair, I really love the idea of ⸢Covenant⸣ and Lily knowing each other / being friends / fixing Gumption together if ⸢Covenant⸣ didn't die in episode 2...)
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AuthorEmma Conner
GenreInteractive Fiction
TagsFangame, friends-at-the-table, Twine


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Emma!!! This is the absolute best thing I've ever seen!!! Thank you so so so so much i'm just going to be yelling about this forever!!!