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So gorgeous and atmospheric, and such a lovely, deceptively simple harmony of music, writing, and image. I really, really enjoyed this -- beautiful work!

Beautiful mood here. I think the word you are looking for is pareidolia.

really very gorgeous . 

Amazing music and beautiful all around

Beautiful. The drawings, the way it flew, the colors. THE MUSIC! The music is wonderful, please release it somewhere ;-;


Thank you!! The music is on Carrie's bandcamp: It's track 5, "the weather shore".

i liked it

Thanks for the game!

Nice music and background artwork. 

oh beautiful!! especially the writing <3

like a piece of art! When the avatar is yellow over grey was a little difficult to see. But not a big issue, Really good ๐Ÿ‘

ooh this gave me shivers

Th. They're girl friends. That lake is a lesbian.

Music = great, atmosphere = great, post-storm melancholy = great... this has been my review.

(this is nattery I just changed my username)